Rescue U – Technical Rescue Team Management

Rescue U’s specialty is emergency services and technical rescue training. Our Roadmap to Rescue is a successful and proven step-by-step process for those departments who are looking to establish a technical rescue team, maintain an existing team, or expand your team’s capabilities. Whether your team is local, municipal, regional, county or state based, one thing is certain: you’ll need a roadmap!

Roadmap to Rescue each step in detail, including:

  • Department assessment
  • Financial and political support
  • Service level
  • Medical direction
  • Program participants
  • Equipment and apparatus requirements
  • Training and standards
  • SOP/SOG design
  • Member selection
  • Program roll-out
  • Safety and health
  • After the call

The creation and management of a rescue team, regardless of size, can be a monumental undertaking. Our Roadmap to Rescue takes the guesswork out of this complex process.

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Med-Tex Services provides sales and service on technical rescue equipment

Our relationship with you is more than just a sale – we connect you with subject matter experts who are knowledgeable in the field, intimately know the equipment, and can propose different solutions that address your needs. Having manufacture-trained instructors ensures that we deliver accurate, consistent, and reliable information to you and your team. Our sales and service team is available to help support you and your needs.

For Sales, Service, Bids or Quotes please contact:

Mike Gale, Territory Manager

Phone: 215-520-0730

Email: [email protected]

Training Concierge

We understand that creating weekly and/or monthly training and drills can be a hassle. Challenges often include lack of resources, confusing regulations, and conflicting standards of practice. We provide management for your training and drill programs that meet your organization’s mission. You may not need rescue training, but that does not mean we can’t help!


Do you need help with the following?

  • Creating monthly/yearly training calendars
  • Determining your training needs/priorities
  • Scheduling classes with training providers
  • Working though the certification process and required paperwork
  • Developing long-term training plans
  • Customizing classes to fit your needs
  • Maximizing your training budget

Our Solutions Include:

  • Planning and scheduling your organization’s training
  • Completing all required applications and paperwork
  • Utilizing existing training providers and facilities
  • Researching classes to meet your members’ needs
  • Assisting with national certification applications